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I run a series of photography workshops throughout the year, both in the UK and overseas. Choose from One 2 One tuition, 1 and 3 day themed UK workshops and overseas destinations. I have been running and tutoring workshops since 2004 in the UK and overseas and will continue to add to these. Please join the mailing list for news of upcoming destinations. Please see below for my workshop types, FAQ's and more. Hope to see you out there soon.

Workshops calendar

All year round

One 2 One workshops

Autumn/Winter - £250
Spring/Summer -  £300
Dates - You choose

: Visit the best locations
: Spend the entire time on YOUR photography
: Master your camera and various techniques
: You choose the date, and the subject
: Moors, coast or both
: Image critique and feedback in situ

more details & booking


Answers to the most common questions are here, however if you have any more queries please contact me via the contact form below.

What will I learn on a workshop ?.

I will endeavour to cover all the basics of photography including composition, exposure metering, focussing techniques, shooting in RAW using the histogram function, white balance, bracketing and shooting for blending in software. I try and cover everything whether you are on a One to One or in a group. Photoshop and Lightroom will also be covered if we have time and during bad weather spells. My main focus is to get you out in the best conditions so we will be up early and out until late making the most of the light. Ultimately I will help you get the best from your equipment and help you get your vision from conception to the finished frame.

What level of understanding and equipment will I need ?

It doesn't matter whether you are a complete beginner or a advanced photographer I will teach you from where your'e at. You might not know what an aperture is when you arrive but by the time you finish you will be exposing to the right, controlling your camera fully manually and looking at everything with a new perspective. In terms of equipment, ideally a DSLR with interchangeable lenses is better, but a camera that is capable of manual exposure input at the least. Also a tripod is essential. Basically if your'e unsure just bring everything.

Do I have to be fit ?

Most of my workshops are easy going however a relatively good level of fitness is required, days will be long especially during the Spring and Summer. We will also have ocassions when some climbing over rocks on the coast happens. Some workshops require shooting at night plus early mornings. Also some overseas workshops taek part in extreme weather conditions. On booking please make me aware of any health issues ideally.
In all cases a reasonable explanation of what will be involved will be relayed during the booking process. You do'nt have to be super fit for any of my workshops !!

How many participants do you have on your group workshops ?.

My UK group workshops have a maximum of 3 participants, whereas overseas trips will cater for a maximum of 6. Over the years I have led groups of over 8 - 10 participants and to be frank it's too many even in large landscapes you can guarantee the odd workshopper getting in someone elses shot, very frustrating and very unnecessary. Plus it is nigh on impossible to tutor more than my maximum efficiently.

Will you be taking photos ?

A very good question and one I have been asked often, this one can be a bone of contention for some so here is my stance from the outset. Yes I do also take photos !. I personally believe that if a tutor is not taking photos participants can be very wary - is the light not good enough yet ?, I suppose you have loads of images from here ?, wheres your camera ?, yep I have been asked these often. I not only like to relay the techniques involved in photography but also inspire - Ooo why is he setting up there ?, I didn't spot that foreground, never thought of using that lens and so on.

How do I book a workshop ?

Just choose your workshop, pay the deposit/balance online. Once I receive booking conformation a booking form will be emailed to you which will need to filled out and returned. This PDF form can be filled in online and emailed back or printed off and posted. Just open the form and click on sign in Adobe Reader, fill out and save. The booking form gives all the information about your workshop.

Whats included on your workshops ?

A list of what's included and what's not is under each workshop description although for a more detailed list please contact me. On booking a workshop you will be sent a full info sheet of what to bring, whats included/not included etc. On my overseas trips flights are NOT included in the price. I will endeavour to suggest the best flight options to get to the workshop and return home. On all my workshops I do not included evening meals and lunches as I have found that the important thing is to make the most of locations and not be worrying about getting back to hotels for meal times. This means we can eat where we like, much more flexible. This also applies during my overseas workshops. Insurance - Please note that I have a public liability/indemnity insurance however it is advisable that you take out your own policy on both UK and overseas trips to cover your equipment and you personally.
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